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Car keys

Newtownabbey Locksmiths offer a specialist Auto Locksmith company based in Newtownabbey, serving all areas within a 25 mile radius including Belfast. We pride ourselves on professionalism on every level, using the very best equipment on the market.

Our Newtownabbey Mobile Auto Locksmith services include.

Replacing / programming lost vehicle keys.
Providing / programming spare keys / remote fobs.
Deactivating lost or stolen keys.
Extracting broken keys from locks.
Gaining entry for keys locked inside vehicles (100% no damage).
Replacing or repairing faulty remote fobs.
Ignition and door locks repaired and replaced.

At Newtownabbey Locksmiths you will receive a rapid, friendly and trustworthy service call us today for a instant quote.

Car Keys have come a long way…Formerly, any car key issue in Northern Ireland would have to be dealt with by your official dealership.

Now, due to the Auto Locksmith services we can avoid any of that stress, cost and hassle by providing a full auto locksmith service at the road-side in Northern Ireland. Newtownabbey Locksmiths use up-to-date extraction and repair software techniques, cut and program new keys and transponders. Newtownabbey Auto Locksmiths also provide replacement and duplicate keys that can be tested while you wait.

Broken Car Keys

Broken car keys can leave your car immobilised. If you break your car key, the consequences can be catastrophic, especially if you’re distanced from a dealership, it’s late at night or you can’t even access your car’s interior. Our locksmiths, based in Newtownabbey are on call 24/7, to deal with any broken key issue with your car. We can extract car keys without damaging your lock. We can often unjam locks easily and quickly enable you access to your car.

Replacement Keys

Replacing car keys is a service that Newtownabbey Locksmiths offer. Every modern car is fitted with an immobiliser system since 1996. Replacing car keys was usually only possible through official dealerships, which are pricey. Here at Newtownabbey Locksmiths we can carry out the same service, for spare car keys, at your location! We provide a quicker, cheaper and better service.

Lost Car Keys

Losing any key is a hassle, but don’t panic if you do lose your car key in Northern Ireland. Even if you don’t have a key to cut a replacement from, Newtownabbey Locksmiths can access databases and generate new, unique keys for your car that can be cut and programmed in Northern Ireland. Newtownabbey Locksmiths can access your car’s immobiliser system to delete old keys for lost or stolen keys. This means that anyone who comes into possession of your old key can’t drive your car. Newtownabbey Locksmiths can perform these tasks at the roadside and test newly generated and cut keys in front of you.

Transponder Programming

Key fobs are an advanced bits of kit and you need advanced equipment in order to repair them. Newtownabbey Locksmiths have the know-how and necessary tools to do so, with the ability to access your vehicle’s computer system to edit your key database. Newtownabbey Locksmiths can diagnose issues with your vehicle transponder and fix them at the road-side.

Newtownabbey Auto Locksmiths are very dedicated to giving the best locksmith services throughout the Newtownabbey, Belfast and beyond. We have skilled auto locksmiths at your service in Newtownabbey.

Our services are diverse across the car locksmith industry from lock repairs to key replacement and repairs hence you need to rest assured that we will have a solution ready for you in no time after you call us.

Newtownabbey Auto Locksmiths offer a wide range of automotive locksmith services hence you can be sure that you will never come to us and leave disappointed after failing to get the services that you require. On top of that, we make sure that all these services are given with the highest possible level of service delivery so that none of our customers leaves us with any trace of disappointment.

We have mobile auto locksmiths who serve the whole of Northern Ireland. The moment you call us with a car locksmith problem, we try to offer a same day auto locksmith service. However, this depends on the place from which you are calling us from.

Our services in Northern Ireland are available for 24 hours every day, 7 days a week. Our mobile locksmiths in Newtownabbey come fully equipped to get you out of your situation irrespective of the magnitude of your auto locksmith problem. If you have locked the keys inside your car or vehicle, Newtownabbey Auto Locksmiths will perform a car entry. If need be, Newtownabbey Locksmiths will make you a key replacement.