Some instances such as unexpected burglaries or moving to a new house may require you to get your locks changed. Newtownabbey Locksmiths offers both emergency locksmith services and appointments booked in advance for lock replacement needs.

Each time you need your lock changed, it is important to ensure that you are working with a fully-trained and trustworthy locksmith engineer. All of Newtownabbey Locksmiths’ engineers have been police checked, and are under regular monitoring, to ensure every customer that the services they are getting are of the best quality.

With Newtownabbey Locksmiths’ lock changing service also comes a free home security check, which involves taking a look at the security measures in place. After the initial assessment, which includes check-ups regarding the compliance of your home insurance regulations with security measures, the locksmith may offer advice on how to keep your home more secure.

Get your locks replaced:

  • if you have been involved in a burglary incident
  • if you have moved to a new house
  • if your keys have gotten lost
  • if your keys have been stolen
  • if your locks are broken
  • if your locks are unreliable
  • if you are unsure of who has a spare key
  • if you are a landlord with evicted tenants

Newtownabbey Locksmiths’ lock replacement services

UPVC Door Lock Replacement

Plastic or uPVC doors have started to become a lot more common, which is why all of Newtownabbey Locksmiths’ experts specialise in the repair and installation of uPVC locks, doors, and windows. Through our professional services, changing uPVC door locks will usually take no longer than an hour. Despite it being a straightforward job, it is recommended to call a locksmith to avoid any complications.

Most uPVC doors have a Euro Lock mechanism, which means that 9 out of 10 times, a Newtownabbey Locksmiths expert comes with the appropriate lock to complete the job in a single visit. However, on the rare occasion that the lock to be serviced is more unusual, Newtownabbey Locksmiths will have the lock stocked as soon as 24 or 48 hours after inspection. All uPVC door locks replaced by Newtownabbey Locksmiths are backed with a 12-month warranty and come with 2 to 3 new keys.

Replacing wooden door locks

Mortice and Yale locks are two of the most common types of door locks found on a wooden door. For doors of good quality, these locks already prove to be very secure. As Newtownabbey Locksmiths comes prepared with a fully-stocked van, our experts will most likely come with the appropriate locks. They are also able to complete the job with excellence, speed, and quality, as it is an easy and straightforward task for fully-trained locksmiths such as ours.

Patio Door Locks

Newtownabbey Locksmiths also offers patio door lock replacement services. Although not many people are aware of it, patio doors and sliding doors usually have the same lock as a uPVC door. A simple job like this can be completed by our locksmiths with ease.


When a locksmith changes the internal components of a lock, it is called rekeying. This skill is not as common among locksmiths, as it is generally more expensive and time-consuming as opposed to simply changing the lock. Since internal levers or pins are to be changed and new keys will need to be cut, this job is more common among more experienced locksmiths. Newtownabbey Locksmiths’ experts are able to carry out this service, although lock changes are more recommended than rekeys.

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