Studies show that 59% of people don’t change their locks when they move to a new house even though it is one of the most important things to do! Not knowing how many people have a spare key to your door leaves you vulnerable to break-ins, burglar attacks, and possible home insurance invalidation.

Check through your home insurance requirements

Do you think your home security meets the requirements set by your home insurance? Should anything happen, would you be ready to make a claim? Let’s say, God forbid, your house gets broken into without any clear signs of forced entry. If your locks haven’t been changed, it’s possible that your insurance will not payout.

In addition, by not changing your locks, you are putting yourself and your family in potential danger. Without an idea of who could be walking around with your keys, anyone could let themselves in whenever they please. Get your locks changed immediately, to know for sure that you reside in a secure home.

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