In the UK, lost or stolen keys are the most common reasons for hiring a local locksmith. Although losing your keys can stress you out or stop you from thinking clearly, it is important to remember the essential steps to ensure you and your family’s safety and possessions.

Inform the police

The first step to keeping your home secure is notifying the local police or neighbourhood watch group regarding your misplaced or stolen keys. For easier recovery, it is also advisable to describe its notable features—key rings, designs, covers—just in case they are handed in.

What was attached to your keys?

People don’t usually lose a single key, since most people have multiple keys attached together by a key ring. It is important to recall if there were other keys that may have been attached to it, which may include keys or access fobs to your car, garage, workplace, or neighbour’s house. Make sure to inform any concerned parties of the missing keys, as they may need to take precautionary measures to make sure their homes are secure.

Check with your insurance

In the case of home or vehicle key loss and theft, insurance has got you covered. Some of the policies include insurance in the form of payments for replacements or services made to gain entry. It is advisable to weigh your options by checking with your insurance. However, you must also check if it has possible effects on your no-claims, and decide accordingly, since it is possible that finding a solution yourself may be more costly, as opposed to insurance that could turn out to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Call your trusted locksmith

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