Four Ways to Avoid Needing an Emergency Locksmith in Newtownabbey

lubricating a lock

Getting locked out because of snapped or lost keys and jammed locks isn’t the most pleasant feeling. Having no other option but to call a locksmith in Newtownabbey can add to the stress we already experience on a daily basis.

It’s a good thing that preventive measures can be taken to avoid the need to call an emergency locksmith. Not only are you saving your time and money and sparing yourself from stress, but also the efforts of your local lock expert.

1. Always have a spare key ready.

Although it may seem like common sense, many people fail to see the importance of spare keys and how valuable they can actually be. Having a spare key at the right place and time makes getting one worth the effort, so take the time to determine what works best for your property.

Remember that keeping spare keys outside your doors is not always possible nor safe. Make sure to keep them in a secure area—one that isn’t too obvious. You may also opt to leave them with trusted friends and nearby neighbours. If you ever need to use the key, continue to disguise its location afterwards by keeping it somewhere new, but just as discreet.

2. Don’t keep faulty locks around.

The moment you notice that something’s wrong with your locks and your keys, you may want to consider calling a locksmith. Remember that having locks repaired or replaced is far cheaper than having an emergency locksmith come over when the damage has already been done.

3. Keep your locks well-maintained.

lubricating a lock

Just like loads of other things we use in our everyday lives, locks require simple maintenance to keep them in good shape. A bit of WD-40 and other similar lubricants usually do the trick. Applying them to your locks on a regular basis prevents rust and corrosion while also keeping them in optimal condition.

4. Invest in quality locks. 

The front doors of a property are not only the first line of defence against intruders but also the most used. As it is used every day, it gets exposed to a variety of things. By choosing high-security locks made from quality materials, you will be getting your money’s worth for years.

Although taking all these preventive measures significantly lessens the chance, there is still a small possibility that you may need an emergency locksmith in the future. In that case, make sure to get accurate quotes before sending someone your way by describing your situation and sending the appropriate photos.

If you would like to take more preventive measures or ask for quotes about locksmith services, give Newtownabbey Locksmiths a call on 02895-320779.

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